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Seigou by bowlersandtophats

- Seijuurou Mikoshiba x Gou Matsuoka - SeiGou

Ah hell I just exploded from this freaken adorable gayness! AHHH

viria: “ ~in which shotas get stronger when in love~ you tried nagisa you tried how on earth do poses work though? also adding a little closeup because I don’t like the composition of the bigger.

Arabian AU Yamazaki Sousuke - Bodyguard & Military Adviser to the Sultan. Concubine to the Sultan too Please don’t repost my art without permission. Please support my shitty art.

linda pareja una de mis favoritas XD

Why is this actually cute hang on platonic nagisa/gou kisses are my new fave

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club -MakoHaru

Iwatobi Swim Club ~ Getting lost in a good book :: Tachibana Makoto, Nanase Haruka

Free Anime, My World

Free~ why is everyone smiling but Haru?

Eternal Summer - Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki, Makoto Tachibana, Haruka Nanase and Rin Matsuoka

miyuli: “ Sorry for the long post! I wanted to practice drawing cute poses and I love Gou and I’m sure everyone from Free would love to give her a kiss, too so there you go :> ”

Seijuro Mikoshiba & Matsuoka Gou- In the midst of the yaoi-fest that is Free! these two made a completely adorable couple.