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It's his first day on the job as a seeing eye dog and he already knows he's gonna do such a good job via Classy Bro

Animals who look adorable and funny when they are eating.... with a mouthful:

Animals who look adorable and funny when they're eating

Tear warning, but its so sweet and sad.

Everybody gets a meme

My dog died of cancer 2 weeks ago; my cat misses him. This story is heartbreaking, but it's true love at it's highest. Wow sad an beautiful what a great story animals are truly amazing. (After reading this sweet beautiful story, I can't stop crying***)

The floor is actually pretty comfy when you're so tired of other people and working. You gotta admit it.

My everyday wish…

"Sometimes I just want to lie on the floor and do nothing." The dog's face down approach says it all. I feel like this sometimes.

A Cat Story, thing are not always as scary as they seem and sometimes it takes a friend to realize that.

Foto del viernes: Cómic gatuno

This has officially made my day

I love the people who take the time to put these together, thank you>>>the queer whisperer 😂❤ my favourite

SnootBoopin! - Album on Imgur

The only version of Uptown Funk I want to hear. Puptown Funk This is really cute if you know the Song Uptown Funk!