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Good morning!!! #coffee #bacon #cinnamonroll #breakfast #holidays #christmas

Cinnamon Roll Lasagna ~Layer after layer of soft dough, butter, cinnamon and a sweet vanilla glaze. A simple breakfast treat that will

Breakfast and morning coffee at @hackneycoffeeco . Great hidden gem in Hackney! Excellent coffee friendly staff and love the relaxing vibe upstairs. It wouldn't be fair if I don't spill the beans although I'm not ready to give away my new favourite spot just yet! Thanks for having us #snowflakescoffees by snowflakesfairy

Finnish Cardamom Rolls

KORVAPUUSTI Cinnamon buns, Usually eaten with a cup of coffee ( Fun fact: Finns consume more coffee and more cinnamon buns than any other European nation)

Sep 16 Swedish cinnamon rolls & berry braid recipes

I like themes! It makes my brain happy, so naturally the most logical thing to do after posting the Stockholm guide is to get into the essence of my favorite Swedish habit - fika. Just like the British have their tea time and scones, we Swedes have our fika ritual. Fika means having a break or a date with coffee and sweet pastries. It's more flexible than tea time and can be done anytime in the day, so great, hurray! We swedes are good with hearty conversations over coffee and…

Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

A tender, sweet low carb coffee cake filled with cinnamon and drizzled with cream cheese glaze. Sometimes I take a bit of one of my creations and I think to myself "I am really good at what I do". ...