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Freshly baked meme for you


VLD - humans are scary, as told from a Galra and Alteans. I agree whole heartedly.

Haggar's transformation | S3 ep7 spoilers This makes me so sad...

How To Lure Him In

Honerva, a tragic backstory but I liked the twist of her being the one "obssesed "

Voltron: Legendary Defender, best faces of season 2<<<< teenage coran is my astetic

Voltron: Legendary Defender, best faces of season teenage coran is my astetic<<<<< I relate to Shiro

Samsung vs Apple. I’m team Apple

Samsung vs Apple. I’m team Apple

I need more of this. (Credit to Geek-Fashionista on Tumblr)

What Boys Do I Attract

I honestly don't think Shiro would be disgusted. I think Lance would be the one disgusted, at least at first.

Klance Voltron <<< if they don’t become canon this way I’m gunna be upset

Klance Voltron ((this piece is so wonderfully made, oh dear!

I LOWKEY LOVE THIS THO??? Reminds me of Noctis a little bit...

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

Keith | Shiro | Pidge

Whaaaaaats Shiro thinkin about?: How many different ways he could die and how lovely it would be. (Pass on the responses!