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WATCH: A simple proof of conservation of energy - ScienceAlert

Here's simple proof to show that if a force doesn't depend on time, that force must be conserving energy, courtesy of the latest episode of MinutePhysics.

Learning Goal: We are learning to explain the different forms of energy we encounter every day, and to make choices about the types of energy we use.

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Chemistry Lab: Conservation Of Mass.  PURPOSE:   To determine experimentally whether mass is conserved in a particular set of chemical reactions. $

Conservation Of Mass Lab

Matter cannot be created or destroyed by a chemical change. Provide your students with a hands-on lab that demonstrates the Law of Conservation of Mass.

Energy MELTS - Forms of energy foldable by Science Doodles

Energy MELTS - Forms of energy foldable by Science Doodles

The TED-Ed video, "A Guide to the Energy of the Earth," is a simple yet engaging way to see the 7 principles in action. The video is applicable to all ages and can be tailored to your lessons on Earth's energy systems.

Potential Introduction to Energy and Power/Earth Science: A guide to the energy of the Earth - Joshua M.

Types of Energy Doodle Notes

Types of energy science doodle notes, interactive notebook, mini anchor chart

Looking for a fun, engaging instructional resource for types of energy? Why not give doodle notes a try? Types of Energy Doodle Notes will aid in student