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Ace and Luffy ;-;

One piece is one of the few animes that can bring me to tears. I didn't shed tears when ace died, but I did when i saw how difficult it was for Luffy to move on. So this image of ace saying goodbye, that its time to let go, was always one of my favorites

Trafalgar D. Water Law, Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Portgas D. Ace, and Roronoa Zoro One piece

Water Law, Monkey D. Luffy, Vinsmoke Sanji, Portgas D. Ace, and Roronoa Zoro

Nami swannn

Read from the story ZORO ❤️ NAMI by kenblink (💀 Ken 💀) with 233 reads.


Trafalgar D. Water Law and Donquixote Rocinante (Corazon), (Corasan, Cora-san) One piece

All versions of luffy and the ark~

So much time has passed since I started watching one piece one piece luffy outfit change

Monkey D. Luffy, smiling, cute, sticking, tongue; One Piece

from the story Razones Para Enamorarse De. by DemonLacrimosa (Lola Olivares Ramos) with reads.


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