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Erza, Fairy Tail, Wendy

Erza, Fairy Tail, Wendy

That's a good story in general idc that it's from fairy tail it's just a good story in my opinion at least

I'm writing a story like it was usually the sun who died every night so the moon could live, but actually, it was the moon who loved the sun so much she died every morning for him.

Constellation tattoo idea

Constellations Vector Set by skyboxcreative Illustration Constellation

Harry Potter Party Printables | The Dragons Fairy Tail: 100 + Harry Potter Halloween Party Ideas

This was an all adult party.but would be fun for kids too! Little Page Turners: The Ultimate Harry Potter Party! This looks like the coolest Harry Potter party ever!


This show was so. aw I wanna cry it was so adorable!

The most intense competition in fairy tail

Well, they all have motion sickness, but there's a big difference in how the handle it 😂😂 Natsu is the most entertaining one for sure.