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"Koko", A Chamorro appetizer is made with cucumber and mango. This is basically pickled.

RED RICE! This is my “TRIED AND TRUE” recipe that I’ve tweaked and perfected and cooked for years. It has ALWAYS turned out perfect! Although this isn’t the typical way…

EGGPLANT WITH COCONUT MILK - I just love eggplants — stir fried with beef or chicken, sautéed with onions and scrambled with eggs, eggplant parmesan, and a favorite — grilled eggplant with coconut milk, lemon juice, green onions and hot pepper. DELICIOUS!

Whenever I find myself feeling a bit homesick, I think of something to cook that soothes my longing for my island home. Chamorro Pot Roast is one of those dishes. This is a dish that was usually on...

Mm! Beef Tinaktak ♡ Local Chamorru recipe. Beef drowned in coconut milk. I love to add either lemon or calamansi for a brighter taste :)