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He really does say boop. And I really did laugh until I cried. lmao<<< What Satan dose to people.

New Castiel

He really does say boop. And I really did laugh until I cried. lmao---Crazy Cas was hilarious

"Garth is amazing! If you disagree, you are wrong." <-- I haven't gotten to this guy yet in SPN.... but I guess I'll be on the lookout for him... *grabs my binoculars*

Party On, Garth & Season Seven, Time For A Wedding - Garth appreciation post

Mr. Crowley, you don't have a soul...

If demons are human souls corrupted by Hell, and Crowley doesn't have a soul, what is he?<<<<good question but i think that the red smoke is his soul and because he is a demon this is his whole beeing, his body is only a vessel

Supernatural with one picture

If i had to describe Supernatural with one picture. XD<< I mean maybe season one but if you wanna accurately display the entire show just right one world "Feels"

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the-banana-paradox: “mystupidiscontagious: “ forevercryingbecausemerlin: “ nobodyputstheimpalainacorner: “ the supernatural casting director must sleep so well at night ” isn’t that some sort of.

...but it is not this day. ~ #SPN #Supernatural Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Reminded me of you

He looks so fab in this like yes team jensen will never die lol Like I just had a flash of Christian Grey

I laughed sooo friggin hard... Literally had tears rolling down my face! The look of utter disappointment was classic!!! Lmaooo

Photo of I lost my shoe . =( for fans of Supernatural Quotes. When some gum gets stuck to Sam's shoe, he tries to scrape it of the sharp edges of a drain and it then gets loose and falls in.

13335923_1142335885829325_3549115821598163157_n.jpg (480×480)

One day you're a soap opera star and next your two best friends are an energetic puppy and a crazy person who commissions skittle portraits of your face.

9 Reasons Dean Winchester From 'Supernatural' Is The Superior Winchester Brother

9 Reasons Dean Winchester Is The Best Winchester