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Even if I see a shirt of a band I don't listen to, I'll subconsciously grin inside and out just because there is someone out there wearing one. Heh.

andy is way too cute, omg if I walk in the store and I saw him...I would embarrass the fuck out of myself!!!

This happened to me one time and I just threw my head back and laughed really loud and everybody just looked at me like :O

Omg! I love that interview and FINALLY THERE'S A GIF FOR THIS!! XD

Andy Biersack - Black Veil Brides Fallen Angel>>> this is really cool

OMGOSH!!! but...none of you following me will know what im talking about.....o well...but trust me...its hilarious..

if you want it to be true then it is

Me with MCR lol then i show them summertime XD

This is a gorgeous picture of Andy!! <3 <3