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there's too much going on in this pic

(Reaction Requests closed) Welcome To EXO Heaven

so when are kai and d.o gonna have kids?? | "jindae, go give appa a back hug" "kyungsoo, babe, please. i just want to eat" *glares at jongin* "dammit, soo" *smiles softly and nudges jindae* "go bother appa, yeah?" *nods frantically and wraps himself around jongin* "im going to hurt you, kyungsoo, i will" "yeah, id like to see that happen" *jongin glances at jindae* "hello honey"

XIUHAN - look at Sehun's face i think someone is jealous haha....luhan and xuimin << This is soooo adorable!!! They're not my OTP, but this is definitely totes adorbs!!

when ur friend says they know who your crush is in front of your crush

Lol....Lay looks so disgusted,Kai is trying to control his laughter and Sehun is just like "b*tch I'm better that you"

where's the difference,,,,you can't photoshop two adorable things in the same picture that's wrong