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C1910 Interracial Couple.  He looks proud.  She looks bored.


Yoda, Master of Puns (by Mark) :: http://blogitude.com/2015/03/05/yoda-master-of-puns/ :: The Internet clearly leads to the dark side…

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All the time..

This happened when I listened to JB. I still skip all his songs tho so nvm

WTF<-- oh look, I found a hole to hell and I'm ready to push this girl down without thinking twice

I'm not saying this girl isn't stupid, but what I think is that she don't know who Anne Frank is. She is 13 AND a Belieber. So I wouldn't be surprise if she thinks Anne another 13 year old girl. What else can you aspect from Belieber?


Once there was a girl on the bus that wouldn't stop looking at my phone while I was playing Mystic Messenger and whenever I looked up to look out of the window, she would stare at me. It was really awkward.

25 Jokes That Are So Stupid They're Actually Funny. #14 Is Priceless.

25 Jokes That Are So Stupid They're Actually Funny. #14 Is Priceless.

Jokes that are so stupid they're funny. I think I should just randomly post these around my room or in my power points. Where have these been my whole life?

I lost my glasses, but I need my glasses to find my glasses. Do you see my problem? Because I can't.

i feel ur pain harry, its called riding rollercoasters and u ask the lady to hold them, ur friend has to gide u then u step on their foot.

Perfectly natural

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