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"I know of a kid who was in a coma for a week and when he woke up the first thing he did was panic because he had homework due and I think that sums up the American school system pretty well.

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We get treated as children, but are expected to act like adults. We have to decide the rest of our lives in just a few years.this is messed up.

I'm actually putting together a speech for one of my classes about this subject. I'll be the Emma Watson of the GetRidOfStandardizedTests movement. Who's with me?

America: our education system needs to improve! American education: we need another standardized test and more homework! Finland: actually, we became one of the worlds' best education systems by.

This is way too accurate

I am absolutely blessed to go to a school without homework. but to make up for it we dual enroll so i have high school classes and college ones and. yea school is hard

I'm homeschooled, but I know from what other people have said that homework is a pain, and I really think this should happen.

Yeah this is very true for me too. If I didn't have that extra homework I'd be fine with school. It's homework that stresses me out the most. I would even say extra school hours and no homework, I'm fine with that.

I've talked about this exact thing to a couple people in the last week, weird

I've talked about this exact thing to a couple people in the last week, weird>> just because other people have problems, doesn't mean I can't have some