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#1078 - 1956 3c Pronghorn Antelope Postage Stamp Numbered Plate Block (4) . $0.35

1956 Pronghorn Antelope - Catalog # 1078 For Sale at Mystic Stamp Company

Pronhorn Antelopes | Pronghorn Antelopes in Montana. | Larry Gambon | Flickr

Pronghorn Antelopes in Montana.

Pronghorns are the fastest land animal in the United States

Pronghorn Antelope are the fastest land animal in the United States/Canada.

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pronghorn antelope by Greg Burke

Pronghorn - the only true antelope left in North America. Their speed is a relic, left from thousands of years ago when they were hunted by a species of Cheetah (now extinct).

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Known as "prairie ghosts" because they are so elusive, the Sonoran pronghorn is the fastest land mammal in North America. Smaller and lighter in color than other pronghorn subspecies, it is uniquely adapted for survival in harsh arid conditions.

High resolution animals desktop wallpaper of Pronghorn Antelope Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (ID: