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from The Times

‘No milk today’ spells trouble for milkman

A milkman delivering bottles of milk during his morning round. The sight and sound most people woke up to in the UK for generations now in danger of vanishing completely due to householders buying their milk and bread in blimin supermarkets.If you can, support your Milkman!

How Marcus feels compared to Thur. Perhaps brought up during the brother 'heart to heart' scene. Or during a drug trip hallucination. Or a rehab withdrawal scene.

from iHorror

Saint Petersburg

Dean and Sam, they look soo good. When the series just started, I remember I saw the first three seasons, and then stopped, and a few years after, the show got so freaking popular...

Frogger and... Tone? Maybe he catches them tagging his apartment, Frogger thinks he'll yell, but all he does is grin and thank then for being awesome/a light/brave