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Mould and mildew are a common problem especially when it’s raining season. The rise in humidity facilitates growth of mould and wall fungus. Bathrooms and sinks are prone to mildew due to humidity and water contact. Not only are mould and mildew unsightly, but the spores they release cause allergies and respiratory problems. It is necessary to take measures to keep mould and mildew under control and to inhibit it. Here are some tricks for making mildew disappear: TEA TREE OIL Tea tree oil…



25 Spring Furniture Pieces for your Home

In middle school I had such an awful bedroom. It was the first time my mom let me decide how I wanted to decorate my room and being a typical... | From:

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How to DIY a Pelmet or Box Valance...

How to DIY a Pelmet or Box Valance {The Creativity Exchange} Perfect for personalizing the kiddos windows since they have the same curtains.

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Five things to do on a gap year to boost your CV

Five things to do on a gap year to boost your CV

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The BEST Painting Tips and Tricks

Easy Way to Spray Paint Drawers...wish I had thought of this for my first bureau project.

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4 reasons to take an aquarium for your child

There are numerous reasons to take your child's an aquarium. You can choose one that is appropriate for your child's individuality - as large aquarium for your curious son, who is interested in sci...