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Ariel Castro Sentenced to Life Plus 1000 Years

Ariel Castro Sentenced to Life Plus 1000 Years

#Chicago's Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

#Chicago's Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

FBI Director Admits Use of Drones in US

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Robert Mueller admitted the FBI has been using drones in domestic surveillance. By Joe Wolverton, II, J.

NEW IS NEWS .COM: Ukraine crisis: US troops land in Poland for exerc...

The first contingent of US troops has landed in Poland for military exercises amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine.

#Hudak Resigns to Avoid Being Recalled in #Colorado

Resigns to Avoid Being Recalled in

70 Injured in Connecticut Train Crash

About 60 people have been injured, five critically, after a head-on, rush-hour collision between two commuter trains near New York City, officials say.

Obama Announces US Will Send Weapons to Syrian Rebels

Barack Obama defends NSA’s PRISM data-mining program and phone spying

#Obama Continues His Refusal to Negotiate

Obama Invokes ‘Extortion’ and ‘Ransom’…Before Calling for ‘Civility’ and ‘Compromise’

#Washington Police Issue Manhunt for Murderer of 88 Year Old Veteran

Second teen arrested in beating death of WWII vet Delbert Belton/this is nothing but very sad. Moral decline is our culture is evident here. I pray for America

#CIA and #US #StateDepartment Arming Rebels in #Syria

With The Public Distracted, Congress Agrees To Arm Syrian Rebels Again