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Vietnam WWF: Country Ranks the Worst for Rhino Poaching

Vietnam WWF: Country Ranks the Worst for Rhino Poaching

Marches Across The World To Stop Poachers Johannesburg- Poachers are taking elephants and 821 Rhinos a year. Just caught some Vietnamese Poachers taking a large number of Rhino horns. Both Elephants and Rhino's being poached.stop them!

Nov 9, 2012: Major rhino horn trader sentenced to 40 years behind bars

Rhino poaching statistics released today by South African authorities show that a record 455 rhinos have been lost to poaching already in The number exceeds the 448 rhinos killed for their horns during the whole of

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Nepal has gone a full year without any animal poaching. This means not a single tiger, rhino, or elephant was killed. Sign this petition to commend Nepal's dedication and commitment to protecting animals.

@Suze W  Elephants, tigers and rhinos are being illegally killed so their parts can be used for jewellery, alleged medicines, carvings, cosmetics and other luxury goods. On 12 and 13 February this year, governments from around the world will gather in London to determine how to end illegal wildlife trade.  Rhino poaching increased 7,500% between 2007-13, an average of 3killed a day.  https://support.wwf.org.uk/?pc=ANC004001&ds_medium=cpc&gclid=CNiHxPz9xLwCFdQPtAod4mAAaA&gclsrc=aw.ds

Thailand Cracks Down on Wildlife Trafficking, and Faces a Noah’s Ark-Size Burden of Care

Zimbabwe Rhino Poaching Drops In 2013, 750 Animals Remain

Black Rhinos are found throughout Eastern and Southern Africa and are an endangered yet protected species. They are known for their wonderful horns for which they have two. They are one of two African Rhino species.

Rhinos in South Africa (by Dawn Valdez).

Rhinos rhinoceros laying down sleeping - South Africa 2011 - Thornybush Game Reserve So called 'white ' rhino which is derived from the afrikaans 'wyd ' or wide rhino because of the shape of the mouth !


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A four-hour-old baby rhino was born to its mother, Tanda, on June 15 at an open-air zoo near Tel Aviv, Israel.