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Hisense has launched its latest addition to the smartphone market, the Hisense Maxe phablet.

Nokia Lumia 1520, Hasn't been realized yet, but it's got the retro-early 2000s camera glam look, but all the function of a smartphone. Give it to someone who's into nostalgia.

Nokia Lumia 1520

One of a pair of new Nokia "phablets", the Nokia Lumia 1520 comes with an impressive full HD display and an equally impressive camera too.

The rise of the Enormo-Phone. A disturbing trend toward gargantuan devices like the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Disturbing Trend Toward Enormous Cell Phones

Samsung Galaxy Note releasing at midnight. It's a Phablet!

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5 Industry Trends to Watch - Nail industry statistics in US, Nail center, Nails magazine

Mua đồng hồ chính hãng từ Amazon ship về Việt Nam - Đồng Hồ Trên Amazon Chính Hãng

Mua đồng hồ chính hãng từ Amazon ship về Việt Nam - Đồng Hồ Trên Amazon Chính Hãng

14 tendances social media pour 2014

14 tendances social media pour 2014 by Bringr via slideshare

with the help of iCloud drive you can easily store all of your spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, images and any other type of documents or file in iCloud and all of them are easily access from iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac and PC users. The new iCloud Drive has built into the iOS 9 which make it easier for their users to bring any documents into the iOS devices. The user can access everything easily which is save to the iCloud right from the place of your home screen. Keeping files in…

How to use Apple’s Continuity, iCloud Drive and AirDrop to share files with yourself

Fall 2011 Pantone Color Trends. These were announced a couple months ago, but they're still a great guideline for new designs if you sell your work!

fall 2011 pantone colors - Boogie yummy fall colors-love the last 6 colors!