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what a good baby (:

It’s about to get ugly with Da’ Bears vs. the down and dirty Packers playing far from nice tomorrow! Chicagoans are ready to see the Bears shake up the bad guys and stomp them into sti…

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What do you call a person at Lambeau Field that actually knows something about football? A Chicago Bears Fan!

I am a football mom: my house smells like a gym, there is mud in my car, my fridge is empty, my Saturdays are full, and my lungs are sore.


If you think requiring a free ID to vote is infringing on constitutional right, but several hundred dollars for a pistol permit isn't .you might be a liberal.

They should have just slapped the ball away but noooo.....had to go for the INT....good for the Seahawks tho'.

NFL Monday Night Controversy: Is ESPN Overstepping Journalistic Bounds?

They should have just slapped the ball away but noooo.had to go for the INT.good for the Seahawks tho.