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Sunny Autumn Cannerberg walk

Walking criss-cross Cannerberg (Mt Canne) From Biesland, and Susserweg, partly through Jeker valley, and back over Jesuit path, up alongside the former NATO .

Ordenary Autumn walk

Perhaps we 25 degrees Celsius around Xmas, or the 11 cities tour will be skated .

Three hill walk

a photo compilation as film about an afternoon walk over three of the South Limburg hills around Maastricht: Louwberg, Cannerberg and Sint Pietersberg;

9 11 13 Walking the hills

a walk on the hill sides in South Limburg (Netherlands - Belgium); the border area just beneath Maastricht

Classic walk in moving images

In stead of taking photos I filmed this walk through Wolder to create a better impression of my immediate surroundings. A walk through the fields, around the.

A rainy walk home

from the left bank of the river Meuse, over the Kennedy bridge, and see the Government house, Bonnefanten museum, but then back through the Jeker park and va.

Before the showers

thunder & lightning, so I took an early walk, but nothing happened; just a threatening sky, while I walked through Wolder, over Susserweg .

a walk to the printer

To discuss an upcoming series of artist prints, I walked to Lombok at the Jeker river, where he lives and works in one of the most beautiful sceneries.

Through Jeker park

A walk to Kultuur-Fabriek, into town and to the printer, with one thing in common: crossing Jeker park again and again: from Mount Canne side, from the Meuse.