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Average age for animals on slaughter age vs Natural life span. Animals raised for food are babies when they are killed, there's nothing natural, humane or uncurl about this. Live cruelty-free by becoming a vegan eating a plant-based diet.

Animals kill for food - humans kill simply because we can & that's not right! Please rethink your food choices - we don't need to kill for our food.

animals kill for food, humans kill simply because we can & that's not right! rethink your food choices

Check out this infographic on Ringling's cruelty.  Speak to students about why they should boycott any circus that uses animals! #infographic #humaneeducation #circus

Ringling's Cruelty Exposed (Infographic)

Ringling's Cruelty Exposed Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Animals category. Check out Ringling's Cruelty Exposed now!

Animal Facts  - funny pictures #funnypictures

Animal and Human Connections Infographic Animal Intelligence and Human Connections (Video)

"killing a lion is a very cowardly thing to do."

It is not awesome to kill a lion. Thats the opposite of awesome, but this guys response is very informative and awesome. Pass it on. Killing animals for sport is awful and should be stopped. An innocent animal shouldn't have to die so you can have "fun".

At current poaching rates, elephants, rhinos and other African wildlife may be gone within 10 years.  Don’t let Africa’s majestic wildlife become history.

At current poaching rates, elephants, rhinos and other African wildlife may be gone within our lifetime. Don't let Africa's majestic wildlife become history. Learn more about the poaching crisis from African Wildlife Foundation's new infographic.

Their chests are burned and they develop respiratory problems both due to the high levels of ammonia from their urine. Stronger, more aggressive birds cannibalize weak and sick birds. Slaughter can include a scalding tank while still conscious to more easily pluck the feathers.

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I know that when most people hear Free Range Eggs they picture happy chickens walking around in a pasture, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Time to start looking for pastured eggs.

Yep, je kunt een changemaker zijn door op te letten wat je in je mond stopt.

Veganism doesn't only save animals' lives. Tonight this child will go to bed hungry. Yet elsewhere in the world, cattle will eat 16 pounds of grain . to make just 1 pound of beef .

I was taught...

don't like it then take a good hard look at the food choices you are making. You are not kind, respectful, considerate or honest if you eat meat. You have no morals and are completely selfish to think that animals are here to serve you.

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Helpful Vegan Infographics

Did you know that chickens are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex? Learn more fascinating facts about some of your favorite animals!