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Never.Life is too wonderful! Sometimes people yell and try to get the best of you, and it just means they're dealing with their own issues. Just stand for what you believe in, stay away from negative people, and everything will work out

I've dug myself a hole here. I only say things when I think they're important or when I know I have the right answer, so I have a reputation for being super smart, making it embarrassing for me when I don't live up to expectations and everyone's like "wow I thought you'd get full marks but no" or "yay I beat you! That means I'm smart!" Which okay good for them, but it doesn't make me feel that great.

from Laughing Squid

Opposites Posters

this is another anti smoking campaign trying to motivate people to stop smoking by comparing your lungs to trees by what they look like in spring and winter. it is a smart way of getting the point across as words is not needed as you can tell that the right side is what your lungs look like smoking and the left is what they look like when you don't smoke