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Dallas Sunshine and Donut-Hole Bonding! • the new wifestyle

Taekook look like they want to crawl in a hole away from this terrible family meeting and meanwhile Jiminie is checking out Yoongi from across the table ;D

And look where that got them... Dad dead with gaping hole in chest. Brother dead because sister stabbed him. Mother remarried. Daughter alive with the people she loves

Most of the time elephant mothers take care of their youngs until 15 years of age. At that time the male offsprings have to leave the female group but the female offsprings remain. Lots of love an caring! (Taita Hills National Park, Kenya. by One more shot Rog, via Flickr)

Mini Golf: Hole-in-One and Our Family Tradition

Mini Golf and a Hole-in-One - Our Family's Miniature Golf Tradition and Family Bonding Time!

16 Dreamy Swimming Holes in North Georgia [Waterfalls!]

Here are 15 waterfalls, creeks and streams that your family can enjoy in the heat of Georgia’s summer.

"Em & Fred Were Doing What They Could to Help Richie Bond With Sammy…"Let’s Take a Family Shot…Pile on the Bed, Buddy & I’ll Set the Timer…OK, Make a Hole! Let Me in! All Right, Buddy, Schootch Over!…Got It!…Good Job, Richie"" by maggie-johnston ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art

Decorate a Calendar Provide paper punches, stickers, crayons, markers, and a brand-new calendar for everyone--some store-bought, some freebies, some homemade. write extended family members' birthdays in the appropriate squares, then decorate those squares with something to remind them of that person