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“Lost a Tooth” When you dream that you lost a tooth the time you wake up you must bite any tree or its branch. Do not say anything, do not speak or some one of you family will perish. This is one of the “pamahiin” Cavitenos believe.

What Do Pineapples Grow On | Pineapples Grow On Trees - reviews and photos.

Street Foods: A Filipino Habit Acquired by Caviteños - One of the inexpensive foods that captured the taste of the Caviteños. It is mostly popular for children these days because it is really affordable and it clearly satisfy their hunger and crave for food. It is also applicable for college students like us.

Mount Nagpatong Bonifacio Execution Site in Maragondon Cavite

In Silang, Cavite to sample authentic Vietnamese cuisine prepared by Bawai herself, a Vietnamese lady married to a local.

Time to relax - and what better way is there than experiencing some Mexican flair. Tagaytay Las Ventanas is one-of-a-kind luxury getaway nestled outside of the contemporary stresses of our daily lives.

Cavite is well-known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, particularly in Imus. The city becomes alive a night with colorful lights. Aguinaldo Highway, many vendors display grand and originally crafted Christmas lanterns and decors that make any home filled with the season’s spirit. Many people from Manila go all the way to Imus, just to get a glimpse or purchase these valuable finds