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Wildlife Artist Derk Hansen Unframed Wolf Print Nature's Medley-Wolves | WildlifePrints.com

Derk Hansen Nature's Medley-Wolves

In Derk Hansen's print Nature's Medley-Wolves we see a wolf pair howling. Contrary to popular folklore, they are not howling at the moon nor does their howling habits change with the phases of the moo

Lee Kromschroeder Moon Dancers

Lee Kromschroeder Moon Dancers

Al Agnew

Toland Home Garden 1010437 "Snow Wolves Winter/Animals" Decorative House Flag, x

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Derk Hansen -  Midnight Watcher

Derk Hansen has created another great wolf print in MIDNIGHT WATCHER. Wolves howl for several reasons--to make contact with the rest of the pack, to warn of danger, to establish territory, or to celeb


Winter Wolf - Howling - Color Note: Pink and Gray - Gray touched with Pastel


Well look at this photo. It is an animal that inspires the best human forces. Deserve respect, dignity and INTELLIGENCE!