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Shit Suga Says | Allkpop Meme Center~ I feel like suga just describes my life

awww, alec's so cute! and i'm glad he's finally grown into his skin (tales of a shadowhunter academy)

I don't understand what is happening here. My female "friends" were more likely to giggle under their breath & exchange looks if I said I was ugly. That or try to convince my partner to leave me. I have no luck with females as friends. This causes me great troubles as a feminist.

lots and lots of fetus pictures of the boys (mostly matty with ex girlfriends smh) are bombarding my tumblr feed and i swear im screaming because have you ever seen fetus pictures of them they're sjgkjbghkb hA

I don't care how socially awkward these two are! I love them for that and for being so much like me... I NEED TO MEET THEM ONE DAY AT VIDCON!

Forgot that they could see each other's real faces, not the vessels

I believe it's a real gender identity, considering I identify as genderfluid myself.

Alec Lightwood: The Shadowhunter King of Sass. I have a headcanon that Alec and Jace get all their sass from Will