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In May 2014 volunteers who removed debris and non-native grasses dumped into a cave included EWLS officers and two Extraordinary Women Cavers (EWC's) featured in the 2013 annual publication participated in the event. Rebekah Bauman was featured as an Extraordinary Woman Caver (EWC) in our 2013 annual publication. Rebekah helped bring supplies to thirst cavers and enjoyed playing on the rigging system.

Mariana Tomas, BA in IT Management. MA in Organizational Psychology, and Director of Organizational Change Capacity at a large medical firm, began caving as a child in Croatia. SheI would discover caves and lead classmates on expeditions after school. Although she admits that she really didn't have any equipment or experience, she enjoyed a sense of wonder and exploration. "I wanted to join the local caving club as soon as I found out about it (I was about 14), but my father didn't allow it…

@miss_gemma_louise's photo: "The countdown has officially started! After many months of careful planning, organisation and heaps of training - the big badass Gouffre Berger caving expedition has finally arrived! It's such a massively exciting (super scary awesome) opportunity to explore one of the largest caves in the world. Let's hope for a hugely safe, successful adventure... at 3,680 feet deep (about two-thirds of a mile) it'll be the deepest cave I've explored, so far…

Thank you Potions Salon for sponsoring EWLS and our 2016 All-Grrs-Cave-Trip, supporting women in science and speleology and those who love them! #ScienceWomen #EWLS #PotionsSalon #givingismystyle Register for AGCT now at:

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"I love to survey and help with restoration. I try to participate on as many projects as I can ... Caving has definitely changed my life." Karla Zajac Clinical Chemist and 2015 EWC #ScienceWomen #WLeadership #ewls

"There is a clear need in the speleology community to open safe spaces for women to not only participate in the speleology community but also to grow into the leadership role models.” Adriana F. Sánchez Cultural Resources Manager, President of Xanvil Culture and Ecology, and 2015 EWC #ScienceWomen #WLeadership #ewls

“Young women are so often discouraged from pursuing ‘hard science’ fields” but that they “are just as capable, if not more so, as boys and men of doing the dirty work of science and doing it well.” Elen Feuerriegel Rising Star Expedition, PhD candidate, and 2015 EWC #ScienceWomen #WLeadership #ewls