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The Fishtail Braid

Eating a well balanced diet will enable your hair and nails to shine this summer - all Mindful Chef recipes are packed full of good-for-you ingredients to keep you feeling and looking your best all year round.

As a person living in the south, I've got to agree that these sadly don't sound out of place at all

Here are some common THOUGHT RUTS and how we can work to change our habits of perspective! #anxiety #recovery

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Go Mod with a '60s- and '70s Style Dining Booth

Post-modern color collection - California Paints

A Cavalcade of Cats! #Infographic #Animal #Cats #Pets

A Cavalcade of Cats! #Infographic

A Cavalcade of Cats! #Infographic #Animal #Cats #Pets

A fundamental part of the problem of socially anxious people comes from being stuck in the teenage developmental error of assuming and believing that while everyone else is worth knowing  they are not.  Reality is that what makes you worth knowing is not how much money you got or how thin you are (among other common concerns) but the unique flavor of the way you experience the world

Golden Ratio- Knowledge of this was very guarded and only the most intelligent artists and architects knew about the Sacred Geometry and used it in their work.

Ultimate Home Safety Guide  #HomeSafety #Home #infographic

Ultimate Home Safety Guide #infographic

Ultimate Home Safety Guide #HomeSafety #Home #infographic

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Emotion Stones

Emotion Stones -Feelings and emotions activities for KS1 and early years make your own using river rocks and sharpies