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Utah, Colorado, and Washington made it illegal to collect rainwater stating that the water belongs to the government.  -

USA: it is illegal to collect rainwater in Colorado, Utah, Washington because water belongs to government

Dan For Memes

Dan For Memes

General George Patton

Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth, liberal democrats are the lowest form of politicians. -George S.


I'm pretty sure at one point people who did this were committing "police suicide". Not homicide by police, you brought your death upon your damn self.

You should buy a mirror and then make comments. I am not against tattoos or piercings but this is out of control.    (Agreed.... this is horrid..... if that makes me bias to NOT give this person a job, it's My right, YOU look Like A FREAK!!!!

So the guy in the picture got sued by this girl because he put star tattoos all over her face and she hated it so she sued him. Messed up right?