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CEO-Founder Jenn discusses "Entering China Armed with an MBA - 5 Simple Rules" for the Education Post


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lam&Gore means SFX all year round hope you're all are cool widdat. Sorry it's been a while but I don't want to put up tutorials just for the sake of having something new up- I wasn't happy with the ones I had filmed lately so I didn't think it was right t

my-wanton-self: “It was a tad chilly driving to work at the crack of dawn this morning, so I was grateful for the seat warmers - nothing says Good Morning Sunshine like a toasty butt. I’m considering having a seat warmer installed in my throne at...

My College Expierience Yes I know experience is spelt wrong I however didn't know that when I was writing it. Fail. As you all know I recently started college well I say recently it was actually two months ago. I get asked all the time why I decided to go to college after not attending any sort of education since I was actually in school. The main reason being I just really wanted a qualification in my field. So I decided to apply to do a Hair and Media Makeup Level 2 course. I have been…

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Finding Your Signature Style

Perfect for a celebration...not quite so high on the heel for me. Really like this, though!