How To Grow An Herb Garden That Won't Die: Lemon Balm: Being in the mint family, lemon balm is a great herb for those who seem to have no luck gardening with herbs. The bright, lemony flavor is fun to brush up against and picking a leaf to nibble becomes a right of passage for any little gardeners that are trying their hand at growing.

9 Impressive Cottage Gardens: Learn From the Masters: Gardeners looking for guidance in creating a cottage garden may get inspiration from the gardens of Gertrude Jekyll, like the garden at Munstead Wood in Busbridge, England. U.S. citizens unable to see her works in England can see her garden design at The Glebe House in Woodbury, Connecticut.

Places to Find Free Trees, Shrubs and Flowers: Visit Construction Sites: 1. Visit construction sites. 2. Curb Shop. 3. Grow plants from cuttings. 4. Host a plant or seed swap. 5. Divide existing plants. 6. Save seeds. 7. Take Advantage of volunteers. 8. Check the classifieds. 9. Watch for catalog promotions. 10. Get on store mailing lists.

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