Though I can't say that the illustrator bent over backward to imitate reality here, it can be said that this is a clever way to sell Guinness. The portion representing the foam head gives this piece a nice sense of color balance.


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Dribbble - App Icon Design - Clear Green Check on Glass by Dash

App Icon Design - Clear Green Check on Glass

Dribbble - App Icon Design - Clear Green Check on Glass by Creativedash

Haha, this is the direction its going.    Smaller and smaller, until we are holding our hands to speak. Like in the new total recall movie. Lol     Talk to the hand by iPhone.

iPhone 5 Slate

Using the shape of your product to your advantage always works in a positive way. Also the neon blue can also draw a viewer's attention towards it over other icons.


The Lego shape is effectively done. It is easily recognizable as a Lego piece. The shadows and highlights are nicely done. The only thing i would change is to make the piece red instead of blue

Inspiration Mobile #6 : Ergonomies et design | BlogDuWebdesign

Inspiration Mobile #6 : Ergonomies et design

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the final product.kept the animation simple (see here). hoping that the rain continues …

Amazon App Icon


I want to dedicate to share an another amazing collection of iPhone and iPad app icons. This time we're gathered creative iOS App Icon designs for inspiration

Simple ram app that is illustrative and well designed. The use of space is well done and is easily recognizable.

Memory cleaner

My debut shot: The first Memory Cleaner on the Mac App Store! ----------- Thanks for the draft. ----------- Dont forget to press L on your keyboard :) Thanks Behan.

iPhone 5c white #icon by Alexandr Nohrin

iPhone 5c white icon

MonsterBombs Icon

MonsterBombs Icon

Another example that shows a monster character that is shown on the whole layout of the app icon shape. The different highlights and shadows helps bring out a more thee dimensional style.

Feedly blue Icon IOS 8

Feedly blue Icon IOS 8