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from STAT

Gilead and Massachusetts agree to rebates for hep C drugs

Massachusetts, which had threatened to sue the drug firm over the costs of its hepatitis C treatments, will now receive rebates from Gilead.

from Mail Online

The 'false' pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu, claims Euro health chief

Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, accused the makers of flu drugs of influencing the World Health Organisation's decision to declare a pandemic.

from the Guardian

UK NHS cancer patients denied drugs due to inflated prices – experts

“If these cancer drugs could be introduced to the UK at these lower prices, they would be affordable and patients could benefit from them. For example dasatinib, used to treat leukaemia, is being sold in Brazil at less than half the UK price, and the cost price of production is 99% lower than the UK price. The pharmaceutical companies who developed these drugs are making vast profits every year, and so could afford to sell their drugs more cheaply."

from Mail Online

Should health charities stop taking cash from drug firms?

As a blindness charity is accused of helping pharmacy giant block cheap drug that could help thousands we ask... should health charities stop taking cash from drug firms? Why is the RNIB campaigning against a drug that prevents sight loss? The RNIB receive funding from the drug company's more expensive rival The row has thrown a spotlight on the truth about charities and drug firms Health charities risk their reputations by accepting money from companys.

from The Telegraph

Watchdog to investigate 'extortionate' drugs pricing claims

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has asked the competition watchdog to look at claims that drug companies are exploiting the NHS to raise the price of medicines.


Jaguar Land Rover: £1.3bn Tata gamble pays off as big cat purrs at last

from Mail Online

The Ebola vaccine shelved for TEN years despite being 100% effective

The vaccine, known as VSV-EBOV, even had had its results published in a respected journal, and health officials called them exciting. However, it then languished on a lab shelf after being licensed to a drug firm - until now.

from BBC News

DNA testing firm 23andMe relaunches health tests in US