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UDK group shot by CheesecakeFeline on DeviantArt

put them in UDK all together to see how it looked, not as good as how they look in maya viewport but learn t allot and can be more prepare for next time.

Here is a collection of some assets I worked on during my time at Crytek UK for Homefront. My work was mostly related to the road and sidewalks though I did a few other assets and propping too. Most sculpts were baked down for decals and prefabbed together to create modular sets. This was true for the sidewalks too, of which I worked with Vincent Mayeur who created the foliage in the shots.

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SC2CynteorStructureConcept Tower by RemoteCrab131 on DeviantArt

Group shot of all the buildings in my "space colony" series. If you would like the file, shoot me your email and I'll be sure to send it to you!

Feng Zhu Design: Shot Designs - FZD Term 2 Students

This week, students take their view RPG room designs and place in a production camera. For more, please visit FZDSCHOOL.

Low poly ice cream truck

Low poly ice cream truck

Isometric Art, Isometric Sketch, Isometric Design, 3d Artwork, Cinema 4d, Flat Design, Design Web, 2d Art, Icecream

ArtStation - The Carriage, Gian Andri Bezzola

In the year 1655 a group of three Rat Catchers tries to get rid of a giant rat plague in their city . Main Design of the six-wheeled carriage.

Feng Zhu Design

It's week 7 at FZD, which means mid-term projects. Here are some really nice entertainment designs by our Term 3 students.