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Get all 3 mandala classes bundled into one fabulous price. Mandala I: Draw and Color Expressive Mandala Art Mandala II: Paint, Sculpt and Collage Mandala Art Mandala II: Mixed Media Mandalas Masterclass.

Note: Inspir K a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism Blue Mandala by adjsr

Paint, Sculpt and Collage Mandala Art (Mandala II) | Louise Gale Mixed Media Botanical Mandala Color Artist

Paint, Mold, Collage, Mandala Art, Online Clas with Louise Gale.

Mandala Info

What is a Mandala? "A Mandala is a sacred space, often a circle that reveals inner truth about you.

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Miami-based artist Peter Patrick Barreda, who draws mandalas in pen and ink on acid-free paper, is ‘fascinated by origins and causes, and the deeply-hidden reasons behind everything’. This is his Okshirahm Sky Mandala.

How to Draw a Personalized Mandala | Soul Flower Blog | Soul Flower

How to Draw a Personal Mandala

Practice: Mandalas are a Eastern form of art and meditation. Learn a little more about them by Googling Mandala and then try your own!