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One of the year’s biggest meteor showers in happening this week, October – The Orionids promise up to 20 shooting stars per hour. Whether you’re camping under the stars or just enjoying a late night star gazing party, the sky this week is amazing for.

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The moon has 8 main phases. The phase of the moon can affect the strength of your spell and even your personality.

“Pause and remember— The spiritual path is not always going to be smooth and easy. There are going to be difficult situations, hardships, losses and lessons. Don’t lose faith along the way. You are.

God is Faithful And Worthy to be Praised.  Lord Jesus, Teach me your ways.

God will definitely answer prayers for strength, wisdom, patience, and the rest. These answers make life much more difficult, but the presence of God that accompanies the answers vastly exceeds the difficulties.

25 Scrabble Words Every Player Must Memorize

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Guardian Angel by Leo Nie                                                       …

Grief The penny you find is dropped from heaven by your guardian angel.

What you seek is seeking you - good frequencies = good outcomes

The Comet in Queenstown On the night of the Aurora Australis ~ by Trey Ratcliff ~ this guy has amazing photos and information about photography.

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The only way to be healed is to forgive. Release the offense and the offending person to God.

The only way to be healed is to forgive. Release the offense and the offending person to God. Forgive also means to forget!

Have fun, enjoy life, laugh and love always!

Life is to short to worry about stupid thing. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing, and don't let people bring you down.

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