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One last circle formed by pivot irrigation. Love the look of it.

INT ARCH — archatlas: Cropped Gerco de Ruijter In the...

Sorry, I love a good obsession and had to pin more from Jane Thomas - this time "Soap Film 17" where she mixes whatever household soaps she could find to produce this and images like it. Brilliant.

Macrophotography of 2,6-diphenylpyridine by R. Tanaka. It has punk poster influences in its colouring and image quality, and echoes some of the best work by the masters of abstract painting of the last Century, and yet it is totally it's own thing.

Detail of an agua nueva agate from Chihuahua, Mexico. Gorgeous colouration.

Great detail of the extremely decorative rock Biggs jasper.

Metallic silicon polycrystals.

No info on this. But I'm always crazy about agates.

The Milky Way sandwiched between a solar eclipse and earth as seen from the edge of space the only thing that's missing is a rectangular black monolith.

Sulphur molecules by R. Tanaka. The perfect balance of shifting colors! Look for his work online.