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Akrotiri Archaeological Site

"Blue Monkeys" -- Fresco -- From the Bronze-age excavation of the Minoan town of Akrotiri on the Island of Santorini, Greece -- National Archaeological Museum -- Athens, Greece

Minoan Civlization Photos - Minoan Civilization

Minoan Nine Handled Amphora with Octopus. "Minoan pottery is more than a useful tool for dating the mute Minoan civilization (1900 BCE). Its restless sequence of rapidly-maturing artistic styles reveal something of patrons' pleasure in novelty while they assist archaeologists assign relative dates to the strata of their sites. The palace pottery called Kamares ware, and the Late Minoan all-over patterned "Marine style" are the high points of the Minoan pottery tradition." text from seller.

Minoan ceramic - The Minoans are famous for producing some of the most beautiful pottery of the ancient world