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Billing/Payment Agreements

Often patients may not be able to pay the full amount for procedures at the time of service. In the Ledger, click the Billing/Payment Agreem.

Whether they are covered in braces, filed to fangs, or are starting to fall out, teeth are very important to our health. Our relationship with our teeth starts at an early age. The discovery of growing teeth by young minds must be amazing. One day yo

Tooth Brushing 101 - Simple, safe and easy guide that educates us about the dos and donts of excellent oral hygiene. Arm your brush and go.

Setting Default Options for Office Manager Print Preview

Setting Default Options for Office Manager Print Preview

Using the New Dentrix G6 List Manager

One of the new features introduced in Dentrix is the List Manager. When you create custom lists in Dentrix you can now view the data in t.

Using Screen Capture for Claim Attachments

Using Dentrix you can easily send claim attachments, such as letters, X-rays, and images to an insurance carrier. The Ledger lets you attach.

Updating Office Fees

As I said in my last post, using Dentrix’s Fee Schedules takes a little bit of management but produces huge benefits! I am amazed at how .

Easily Entering Claim Adjustments with PP8 - Dentrix eNewsletter Tip 12/21/2010

Easily Entering Claim Adjustments with - Dentrix eNewsletter Tip

Dental Health Tips: How to Care for Your Teeth When Pregnant

Check out our dental infographic to learn quick and easy tips for dental health and be sure to share it with other first time moms, friends, and family.

Setting up a Payment Agreement in Dentrix G6.4

Setting up a Payment Agreement in Dentrix

AACD Veneer Infographic-Contact Dr. Anna Berik for the best in cosmetic dentistry and life-like veneers

What are dental veneers? An infographic by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) about veneers.

Setting Up and Using the Ledger Tax/Discount Option

Dentrix makes it easy to apply tax or discounts to individual patients or family accounts. You can select the tax or discount you want to a.

Which #dental procedure is for you? Or what do they even mean? Here's a cool infographic to show you!

*posted nov Composite fillings are ideal for chipped, worn, decayed, and broken teeth. These fillings can also be used to close gaps between teeth! View this Belmont dental group infographic to read about other popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Enter Refund Adjustments with Insurance Payments

Did you know you can now enter refund adjustments when you add an insurance payment to a claim? Dentrix has always made it easy to enter wri.

Dentrix Tip Tuesdays: Tips for Setting Up Non-typical Families in Dentrix

Not all families are typical. Some family situations might be called complex or even difficult. Not to worry, Dentrix has the flexibility to.