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Poppy Seed Cake - the most poppy seeds I've ever seen in a cake recipe - gorgeous!

Poppy Seed Cake

A fantastic Poppy Seed Cake recipe. The poppy seeds really shine in this easy and delicious recipe. A must-try recipe for poppy seed fans.

 butterfly spirit

We lived behind a church where my little brother was called over to sing in front of the entire congregation. Gary loved singing just like this little boy in the picture Out of the mouth of babes there is perfected praise."Sing Unto The Lord" !

So What Did They Tell Their Barbers?

So What Did They Tell Their Barbers?


Smiling helps the immune system to work better. When you smile, immune function improves possibly because you are more relaxed. Prevent the flu and colds by smiling. One more reason to flash those beautiful teeth!

How to be a healthy role model for kids! ---- http://www.rxwiki.com/slideshow/how-be-healthy-role-model-children?utm_source=websiteutm_medium=dtc-pinterest-rxwikiutm_campaign=rolemodel_6_19

The good old times of childhood :) when parents would actually let their kids spray each other with the garden hose. I'm glad my mom let us have water fights :) we used ice cream buckets AND the garden hose.

start early and continue on! cuteness overload

Toileting Activity: You read or let child "read" a potty time story while the toddler sits on the toilet. Helps toddlers understand and gauge how long they should be sitting on the toilet. ELG: The younger toddler shows motivation to read.

Creative mom turns her baby's naptime into "dream" adventures (more pics if you follow the link)

Dream adventures…

Creative mom turns her baby's naptime into "dream" adventures .at Zizzz we will love it to do it as well.


I love the rollerskates. I love the chubby thighs. I love the smile. I LOVE this kid!

Claw machine

Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures. lulz, she musta had a lot of time on her hands. but nonetheless, creative~

"Afghan Girl" portrait by Steve McCurry which was featured on the cover of the National Geographic in June 1985.

The $6.5m canyon: it's the most expensive photograph ever – but it's like a hackneyed poster in a posh hotel

Afghan Girl “Green Eyes” project, by National Geographic can be found here. Date: Photographer: Steve McCurry, National Geographic.