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I'm Nate Smith. I'm a comedian and I create content for the web. I've been performing improv and stand up comedy since This tumblog is full of original content I have created as well as stuff found on the internet that makes me laugh or that I...

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My uncle's friend, a police officer, is terrified of snakes. She cannot even say the word snake, she just says,"it's a sn-n-n!" I showed this to her.... And watched her face as she slowly realized that she was looking at a "sn-n-n!"

NEW 2013 People of Walmart Funny looking people, Strange People Shopping in WalMart Part 2 of 2 some of this is hilarious and others are disgusting. Description from I searched for this on More

I remember some girl came into orchestra one day freaking out and when I asked why she was like, 'THERE'S A HUGE PILE OF WEAVE IN THE TRASHCAN IN CHORUS. LIKE WHO JUST TAKES OUT THEIR WEAVE AND LEAVES IT IN THE TRASH WHAT IS THIS?!' i was dying XD

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