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Ah, Mondays, when every human being on Earth becomes a walking mass of undiagnosed clinical depression and barely restrained homicidal rage, constantly threatening to either collapse from pure exhaustion or lash out against everything and...

My uncle's friend, a police officer, is terrified of snakes. She cannot even say the word snake, she just says,"it's a sn-n-n!" I showed this to her.... And watched her face as she slowly realized that she was looking at a "sn-n-n!"


If you're literally asking me to choose between our relationship and my obsession with pointing out doors to people, well...


Video Game Cluelessness...I seriously want to punch them and scream "ITS SONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!!!!!!!!!!!" <- to her credit, the lady on the bottom knows that 'Zorlda' is indeed the princess! <-- -__- of all things she got right. DANKY KANG