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Kaffir lime honey soy glazed chicken & bacon sandwich w/ cucumber slaw, served with a side of pork rinds.

This Pulled Pork Mac 'n Cheese is made from Smoked Applewood Gouda, Aged White Cheddar, and Washington grown apples. Get your 12 on and bite into some delicious pulled pork mac 'n cheese!

Sweet, spicy, savory and smoky. This chili has it all. Ground sirloin, bell peppers, onions, garlic and jalapenos are cooked together in a blend of spices to make one hearty dish. It's topped with sour cream and avocado to cool down the heat. This chili is sure to score in the redzone!

A crispy baked flour tortilla with a creamy filling featuring chicken, cheese, salsa and tortilla chips for added crunch. Served with a spicy salsa ranch dipping sauce.

World Champ Salmon Dip - A very tasty dip that anyone can make in minutes. The smoked salmon combined with these ingredients combine for a complete and quick game day Dish.

These wings are so bursting with flavor they will keep your taste buds happy through the game. Deeply flavored wings; salty, sweet with a hint of heat and citrus. Pair them with the umami dipping sauce (food deliciousness!) and you won't be able to stop eating these gooey finger licking wings!

This delicious sub is packed with succulent meats and cheeses with a flavor of explosion of sweet and salty condiments. The Hawks Bada Bing Sub will be the "Hit of the Season!"

Cheesy ooey gooey bean dip layered with beans, cheese, bacon, two kinds of cheese, jalapenoo, tomatoes, onions and olives served warm from the oven with tortilla chips.

A game stopping success for any football event, these jalapeno poppers aren't your typical bar food. Onion and chive cream cheese and crumbled chips get cozy inside quality jalapenos. To really get your taste buds riled up, a candied strip of bacon hugs the heat as you chomp down.