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Some Random Facts. Haha, actually you can't measure pain because everyone feels the same events differently. But nice try :P

WTF FACTS, BRO. (brought to you by Teenz ;] Swaq)

The website things work! Who knows about the other "facts" .

Rosa de Lumine – Rose of  Light

Rosa de Lumine – Rose of Light “Should vibrations roll from the tongue of the fiery serpent Then let they be truths within you, For your thoughts are b .

Priestess of the Egyptian goddess Isis, holding a situla (a bronze jug), Roman statue of the 2nd century A.D.

Priestess of the Egyptian goddess Isis, holding a situla (a bronze jug). Roman statue of the century AD, on display at the Museo Archaeologico Regionale, Palermo, Sicily.


To understand the guidance from Mother Venus, it is important to be aware of a vision I was shown and the message I was given by a prophet I shall call ‘The M .

If you haven’t eaten ginger so far, it is time to start now since it is really healthy and beneficial for you. The ginger is a plant originating from China and today it is used everywhere in the world. Mostly the ginger root is used for many aims. This plant is tasty and healthy, but can be used in countless ways in food. This spice is added in savory and dessert meals but also in many recipes for beverages. This is the list of all the benefits: 1. Fighting cancer This plant can fight ovary…

Ginger is an increasing popular root due to its remarkable characteristics. It is native to China, and in general, it .

@solitalo El Ser Uno – La Genética Espiritual ¿Has notado, que cuando se despierta la espiritualidad dentro de ti, todo comienza a cambiar en tu vida y alrrededor de ella? ¿Te has dado cuenta…

El Ser Uno: La genética espiritual