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Supplies:     1. One roll of scotch tape per pair.  How to Play:  Call up several pairs of students (maybe 3 or so pairs). Sit one student  from each pair on a chair. The other student will apply scotch tape to  distort their face. Let the crowd vote on the winning student or have the  leaders judge and provide commentary. Give a time limit of 2 minutes or so.  Pro Tips!     1. Young boy pairs will only try to inflict pain on one another. They're       not going to try to make someone look…

Scotch Tape Beauty Parlor

Using heaps of scotch tape, New Mexico based artist Wes Naman transforms people’s faces into barely recognizable caricatures. Naman writes about his images: “ What I’m ultimately aiming for with my.

'Video Games, Justin De La Rosa.' (Wes Naman)

After “Scotch Tape Portraits“, photographer Wes Naman has created this twisted new series entitled “Rubber Band Portraits“.

Hilarious Portraits Use Scotch Tape to Distort Faces - Feature Shoot

Scotch Tape Series - Wes Naman Photography - Chicquero Laugh Funny - 32 // Pinned by Oliver Semik Dudley Semik


"Age Maps", some excellent photomontages between child portrait and adult portrait of a same person, created by photographer Bobby Neel Adams.