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Do you own an English Bulldog? If so, check out the top 10 reasons to own an English bulldog below and see if you can relate! Maybe this article will make you consider owning one!

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english Bulldogs take turns for the water bowl, close up! My virtual bulldog


Country Cutie Homemade Costume Idea for Dogs- hahahahahahahahaha I'm totally doing this with Ammo!

What A Cute Pair Of … Hey!

You Won’t Believe How Big These Dogs Are!

Mini horse and his Great Dane buddy. I thought about getting my Dane a mini horse for company.

Sweet boxer baby!!

Buddy the Mixed Breed - King Charles Spaniel & Boston Terrier Mix. Looks like a mini-boxer! I've always wanted a mini boxer!

Top 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Blue French Bulldog puppy Limited Edition French Bulldog Tee >> we're gonna get a bulldog puppy and it's gonna love me

Too much cuteness!!

English Bulldog Puppy, my Dream DOGGY for obvious reasons, I mean just look at it, so flipping adorable