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Queen of Swords by Joseph Vargo (The Gothic Tarot)

Gargoyles, vampires, ghosts, and dark angels give this ancient oracle a unique Gothic flair.

Ilustracion Vampiros

Enter the realm of gothic fantasy artist Joseph Vargo, a chilling, mist-shrouded world of forlorn ghosts, brooding vampires, living gargoyles and other creatures of the night.

The Gothic Tarot: The Chariot

Perfect drawing of how I envionsed Connell and his ghost horses! TICKET TO DIE by Elaine Calloway The Grim Reaper's Ghostly Coach - Joseph Vargo


I played alone, daydreamed or strolled in the woods alone, and had a secret world of my own. ~Carl Jung, MDR, Page

Nox Arcana

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Nox Arcana for fans of Nox Arcana images.

Upright - Jealousy, often from colleagues or family, crisis and enforced isolation, illness and oppression, major difficulties and adverse circumstances dictated by fate.  Ill Dignified or Reversed - Hard work reaping little reward, frustration, despair, depression.  Effort being exercised in the wrong place.  Change and liberation.  A moving away from a problem rather than finding the solution to it.

8 van zwaarden - The Pictorial Key Tarot par Davide Corsi Prachtig deck!


everyday a different color, beautiful gifs, soft goth, nature. images that I like and attract my attention.