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Best Cat Gifs of the Week #5

Check out our latest selection of the best, funniest and most shared cat GIFs that are currently doing the rounds and see if you can keep a straight face!

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...usando um par de sapatos novos pela primeira... - comoeumesintoquando

Como Eu Me Sinto Quando... …usando um par de sapatos novos pela primeira vez.

Well good day to you sir! - more at Check more at

For animated GIFs, Snitches get stitches. [video]***i don't know what this means, snitches get snitches, are you calling me a snitch?! and shayler a snitch? I could not care less. If i am a snitch coz i blow the whistle on evil then so be it! ***are u saying no one would dare snitch on shayler coz they would get stitches? You're all cowards. Why doesnt the abuser get stitches instead then?