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Not usually a Hayffie fan but this is cute <--- you're opinion is wrong

E.T.+H.A.=❤️❣❣ #effie #haymitch #hayffie

E.T.+H.A.=❤️❣❣ #effie #haymitch #hayffie

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Heffie<--- whoa whoa whoa, is this a thing? Like, a lot of people ship it?<<<<<HOW DO YOU NOT SHIP HEFFIE <<< Wait this is really a ship? Not so sure how to feel


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Can we just talk about how sad this scene makes everyone feel? Cause admit it. This reaping have everyone mixed emotions on who the male tribute should be.

Heartburn After Eating

Lets just mention Effie seemed relieved that it was Haymitch; which is sad, but also shows that everyone knows Peeta is the good one, the one they wanted to save. Or it means she knew Peeta would volunteer and that Haymitch wouldn't have to go

Next weddings in Panem: Hayffie+Everlark

Next weddings in Panem: Hayffie+Everlark

Heffie ^_^

I will go down with this ship.< I'm starting to think the actors ship it harder than I do.

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