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A cat mans a sniper rifle and aims it at the dog. The cat has 99 problems but the dog aint one.

Grumpy cat has a friend!! Sort of...

Grumpy cat has a friend!! Sort of...

Sinister cat meets Grumpy cat oh grumpy cat Grumpy Cat Impressions… Very funny cat

Piss Off, Sun. How I felt this morning trying to sleep in, in preparation for night shift!

Piss Off, Sun

My Monday mornings I'm not done with yesterday yet. - Funny Quotes About Life - Pining Funzy Pics

be happy! :)

When I'm at the mall with my girlfriend and she spots something that she likes

What a good dog. The sweet dog waits so the little kid can go play in a puddle.

Funny cats

Funny cats

funny cats pictures

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 71 Pics. Cat playing with door stopper all night.why I got no sleep last night

Scottish fold kittens - 22 Photo (20)

~ "The cutest Scottish Fold. Sometimes my cat sticks her tongue out & it's the cutest thing. Little brat :) " ~ Previous pinner

That's a Malayan flying fox, one of several types of fruit bats. They've got super adorable faces, and are completely harmless to humans! Nummy fruit, on the other hand, doesn't stand a chance!  Visit www.factsnmyths.com for more amazing info.

"Flying fox" Pteropus are the largest bats in the world. Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes. Australia looks like a very interesting place to visit; so many odd things are down there.>>>>>>>>Talk about a mega-bat!

Cat with two broken legs   Stairs = no problem!

A cat with two legs in casts walking down the stair - clever kitty.

History will remember this red panda as the most scared creature to have ever been scared:

17 GIFs History Will Never Forget

History will remember this red panda as the most scared creature to have ever been scared. The poor panda

Randomness Is Awesomeness - Gallery

Randomness Is Awesomeness

Funny pictures about Marine squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Marine squirrel. Also, Marine squirrel.